Our business development coaching programs help lawyers to:

  • Increase business development results and client retention rate
  • Focus limited marketing time and scarce resources on the activities that are most likely to lead to new engagements
  • Undertake business development activities that they want to accomplish, within a weekly time commitment that they agree to
  • Develop skills and habits which continue to pay off after the program ends

Our typical one-to-one coaching program is built around nine telecons over several months, to prioritize opportunities, assure effective and efficient follow-up, and build business development skills and long-term habits.   We also custom design group coaching programs to meet unique needs.

Case study of the most successful program we’ve seen

“The LegalBizDev coaching program helped me to get new business.  It will motivate lawyers to put more effort into business development, and help them to get more results when they do.  The principles apply to every lawyer, whether they are already rainmakers or not.” – Thomas Queen, Shareholder, Graves Dougherty 

“Dozens of lawyers from my practice group have completed LegalBizDev coaching. The program consistently helps our attorneys land new business, and is highly praised by our participants. LegalBizDev tailors the approach to each individual's needs, and their practical checklists and tools take the mystique out of marketing.” – Adam Donovan, Marketing Manager, Patent Practice Group, Fish & Richardson

“LegalBizDev’s business development coaching was incredibly useful because it was a great source for new ideas, and also helped me become much more disciplined about following up.” – Alan Goudiss, Partner, Shearman & Sterling

“LegalBizDev coaching produced significant increases in new business and paid for itself many times over. It helped me to prioritize marketing efforts, improve communication with current clients, ask the right questions, and consistently advance relationships. I developed a more disciplined and assertive approach to marketing which increased my peace of mind and my results.” – Tina McKeon, Principal, Kilpatrick Townsend

“Tom has been an outstanding sales coach.  Combining his suggestions with the CDs, I have become a lot better at planning and achieving advances.  I come to meetings with specific objectives in mind and often attain the advances.” – Steven B. Gorin, Partner, Thompson Coburn

“Following Jim's coaching, there was a quantifiable increase in the business generated... In fact, the two partners who worked with Jim posted their best years ever.” – Jon Frieden, Partner, Odin Feldman & Pittleman 

“Once I was forced, during the coaching process, to examine the relationships I already had, I was surprised about how many could be helpful in developing new business. And with them, it’s back to basics. Give a call, send an email, keep yourself in the forefront of their minds. You become an option for them that may not have existed before.” – Eric Partlow, Partner, Adams and Reese

For more information about our programs, or to discuss your needs, please don't hesitate to call us today at 800-49-TRAIN or email