Our Approach

LegalBizDev offers a variety of business development products and services which help lawyers to quickly identify the action items that are most likely to produce immediate and practical results for their practice, their personality and their schedule.  For example, in our structured coaching programs, a personal coach works with each lawyer to focus limited marketing time on the activities that are most likely to lead to new engagements, and to develop skills and habits which continue to pay off after the program ends.

We offer five different programs, customized to your needs:

  1. Coaching
  2. On-site training
  3. Webinar training
  4. Retreats and speeches
  5. Train the trainer

All of these programs use the proprietary tools and templates in Jim Hassett’s Legal Business Development Quick Reference Guide and focus on behavior change.

To discuss your needs, or to obtain a copy of a more than 50 pages booklet with proprietary details about our programs, call us today at 800-49-TRAIN or email info@legalbizdev.com.