Webinar course

Our course Legal business development: Basic principles and best practices can also be offered as four one-hour webinars, over four consecutive weeks or months:

  • Module 1: The top ten ways to increase results from your limited marketing time
  • Module 2: How to protect and increase business with current clients
  • Module 3: How to find new clients: From prospecting to closing
  • Module 4: Seven steps to a better business plan

Webinars can give you the impact of a live event without requiring every lawyer to be in the same place at the same time. Lawyers can participate from offices around the country or around the world. We will record the webinars so that any lawyer who misses the scheduled session can view it later, whenever they can find the time.  For large firms with multiple locations, the webinar approach can offer significant benefits in cost and convenience.

Webinars can also be offered in combination with a video teleconference.

“When LegalBizDev offered business development webinars through the International Lawyers Network, about 500 lawyers from firms in the US, Canada, England, Denmark and Italy attended the series. These were the most popular presentations we have ever offered, and many of our members offered extremely positive comments on how useful the approach was.” – Alan Griffiths, Executive Director, International Lawyers Network

“Your business development webinar was helpful, honest and insightful. I have talked to many of the lawyers in my firm and all of them took something away from the webinar. That does not happen very often.” – Irv Laskin, Partner, Lawson Lundell
For more information about our programs, or to discuss your needs, please don't hesitate to call us today at 800-49-TRAIN or email info@legalbizdev.com.