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This section includes articles that have been published by LegalBizDev in:

  • Law Firm Inc.
  • Legal Management
  • Marketing the Law Firm
  • Of Counsel, the Legal Practice and Management Report
  • Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
  • and other sources

Action plan - Two page action plan for business development

Agile LPM - Why the agile approach is so important to law firms (Reprinted from Of Counsel, October 2017)

Alternative fees - Ten years later:  A look back and ahead a decade after the ABA commission on billable hours report (Reprinted from Legal Management, October 2012)

Alternative fees - Using AFAs to increase new business (Reprinted from Bloomberg Law Reports, September 2012)

Alternative Fees - The revenue impact on law firms (Reprinted from Of Counsel, January 2010)

Blog - Legal Business Development and Project Management

Business plans - Eight steps to a better business plan (Reprinted from the Philadelphia Legal Marketing Association Newsletter, January 2009)

Client/firm collaboration - LegalBizDev announces the first Client/Firm Collaboration Workshop (Press release, June 2011)

Client needs Good marketing all about the client, not the lawyer (Jim Hassett interviewed by Barbara Rabinowitz, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, April 2, 2007)

CLOC - How CLOC helps law firms

Coaching - Five critical factors that will increase coaching success (Reprinted from Strategies: The Journal of the Legal Marketing Association, December 2006)

Communication - Communications at the Core (Reprinted from Of Counsel, July 2015)

Cross-selling - Cross-selling strategies: Cultivating new business from current clients (Reprinted from Legal Management, December 2007)

Culture - Strategies to Successfully Change Law Firm Culture: The Example of Legal Project Management. (Reprinted from Of Counsel, April 2015)

Internet resources -  See Legal Marketing Reader

Interview - Client Value and Law Firm Profitability (Jim Hassett interviewed by Bloomberg BNA, for Corporate Counsel Weekly, December 10, 2014)

Interview - Good marketing all about the client, not the lawyer (Jim Hassett interviewed by Barbara Rabinowitz, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, April 2, 2007)

Lessons Learned - Lessons Learned Reviews: A Key to LPM Implementation (Reprinted from Of Counsel, December 2018)

LPM Directors - The evolving role of LPM Directors of Legal Project Management

LPM Success - The keys to LPM success

Marketing - Why Law Firms Must Change Their Marketing Priorities (Bloomberg BNA, July 2015)

Perfectionism - Superfluous perfectionism (Reprinted from Of Counsel, June 2016)

Pricing - The Rise of the Pricing Director (Reprinted from Bloomberg Law Reports, February 2012)

Prioritizing - The most important difference in legal selling: Time (Reprinted from Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing, December 2007)

Prioritizing - Prioritizing your marketing time (Lawyers USA Online article 3/16/09 describing a webinar offered by Jim Hassett)

Profitability - Flawed Finances.  (Reprinted from Managing Partner magazine, March 2015)

Profitability - A Persistent Challenge: Measuring Law Firm Profitability.  (Reprinted from Of Counsel. October 2014)

Project Management - Why is LPM urgent?

Project management - The top five ways to increase LPM results

Project Management - An Evolving Process (Reprinted from Managing Partner magazine, February 2016)

Project Management - A Developing Science: Key Issues in Legal Project Management (Reprinted from Of Counsel, August 2013)

Project Management - Legal Project Management - A Trend that Is Here to Stay (Reprinted from The Future of Legal Services: Expert Analysis, Kate Clifton, Ed., Ark Group, 2011.  Note:  Jim Hassett is currently writing a revised version of this chapter for the 2015 edition of this book.)

Project Management - Legal Project Management in the Trenches (Reprinted from Bloomberg Law Reports, October 2011)

Project Management - Teaching Lawyers How to Manage: Can It Improve the Bottom Line? (From AmLaw Daily, March 18, 2010)

Project Management and Marketing - How Legal Project Management Is Changing the Way Services Are Marketed. (Reprinted from Bloomberg Law Reports September 2013. This article won an award as TechnoLawyer’s “BigLaw Pick of the Week.”)

Project management certification - Program Aims to Turn Attorneys into Project Managers (Reprinted from Law360, November 2010)

Project management certification - Why We Decided to Become Certified Legal Project Managers (National Law Review article by Stacy Ballin and Mitchell Thompson, Squire Sanders)

Reconnecting - Increase new business by re-connecting with past clients and colleagues (Reprinted from Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, December 12, 2005)

Scope changes - How to Negotiate the Approval of "Scope Change" (Reprinted from Of Counsel, May 2016).

Task codes - Tracking Legal Costs with Task Codes:  Different Firms Take Different Approaches (from Of Counsel, June 2012)

Task codes and budgeting - Using Task Codes in Law Firm Budgeting: What Works and What Doesn't (Bloomberg BNA)

Tools - LPM online tools and templates

Value - The most important trend in legal business development: Social relationships are out, value relationships are in (Reprinted from Marketing the Law Firm, March 2008)

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