Client/Firm Collaboration

The most effective way to apply project management techniques and maximize value for a particular client is to hold a joint workshop, with decision makers for the client and for the law firm as participants.  This approach works best for large clients where there is a history of trust and a genuine commitment to cooperative problem solving. 

In-house counsel and their law firm client team collaborate in these sessions to address the fundamental question raised in the ACC Value Challenge: “Working together, how do we improve the value of legal services?” 

Collaboration workshops are built on the foundation of our highly successful just-in-time training workshops for law firm practice groups.  Our proprietary process enables lawyers to save time and become more efficient by finding exactly the information they need, just when they need it.  The main focus is on changing lawyers’ behavior, and not on simple education or information sharing.

The biggest difference from just-in-time training is that three of the six participants are the in-house decision makers for a large client, and the other three are from the law firm team that serves them.  The most important part of each workshop is a frank and open discussion of specific action items that will enable the client and the law firm to work together to increase efficiency.

Yahoo description of the first Client/Firm Collaboration Workshop

“The practice of law has shifted from an individual effort to one emphasizing teamwork and collaboration…  When firms had a monopoly on expertise, delivery of service was a one-way street.  But now most work involves collaboration and coordination between firms and clients.” – Paul Lippe, Founder, Legal OnRamp (The Future of Legal Services, p. 30)
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