We can help your firm produce behavior change quickly and cost-effectively by applying our extensive experience and knowledge of the most effective best practices at similar firms. We will collaborate with your management team and/or internal LPM staff in whatever way you find most useful. Approaches we’ve used in the past include developing strategic and tactical LPM plans and participating in planning meetings of executive committees and LPM task forces.

We also offer customized “coach the coach” programs to help your in-house team increase their impact by adapting our proprietary LPM Coaching Guide process to your firm. For firms that are developing internal LPM courses, we can help save time and money by licensing the workshop materials we have developed and tested over several years, including our proprietary database of hundreds of PowerPoint slides.

Whatever your needs, we would be happy to develop a proposal to help your firm implement LPM more economically by building on our experience and research with hundreds of law firms.

Download a two page description of all our LPM products and services.

For more information about how our unique just-in-time approach to LPM and business development can help your firm change lawyers’ behavior, increase client satisfaction, and improve profitability, contact us today at 800-49-TRAIN or