Our Approach

Any lawyer who has ever managed an associate or prepared a budget has worked as a legal project manager. But clients are now choosing law firms based on their ability to apply a more systematic and disciplined approach that delivers more value, more quickly. "More efficient project management" is now one of the top demands of in-house chief legal officers, according to a recent survey by Altman Weil.

Improved legal project management (LPM) enables law firms to:

  • Protect business with current clients
  • Increase new business
  • Increase the predictability of fees and costs
  • Minimize or eliminate surprises
  • Improve communication with clients
  • Manage risk
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve realization
  • Improve financial reporting
  • Deliver greater value to clients
  • Increase efficiency

Download a one page overview:  Why is legal project management growing?

Download a one page overview:  Eight common problems solved by legal project management

In theory, it is easy for lawyers to find ways to increase efficiency.  In practice, however, many firms have found that getting lawyers to change their behavior has proven extremely difficult.

LegalBizDev recently published the third edition of the Legal Project Management Quick Reference Guide, the only “how to” book in this rapidly changing area. 

We offer nine different training and coaching programs that provide sophisticated and customized support for everyone from novices to LPM experts:

1. Coaching
2. Just-in-time training
3. Client/firm collaboration workshops
4. Certification
5. Webinars and speeches
6. Courses
7. Train the trainer
8. Custom training
9. Consulting

The best approach varies from firm to firm, depending on each firm’s culture, clients and goals.

“Every law firm must examine the way it serves clients and ask the difficult question: ‘Can we do this more efficiently?’ In almost all instances the answer will undoubtedly be ‘Yes,’ and, notwithstanding a reluctance to change, the next question should be ‘How?’” – Thomas S. Clay, Altman Weil (from "Four Critical Transitions: Leading Law Firms In the Post-Recession Economy," Altman Weil, 2013)

“Legal project management saves money, creates budget certainty, and makes clients more comfortable when they see exactly what their legal team is doing to become more efficient.” – Christopher Kelly, Deputy Chair of the Corporate Practice, Loeb & Loeb

“Every time you run a matter for your firm, you are engaging in project management.  You can do it in an ad hoc haphazard manner, trying to put out fires as they arise.  Or you can use time-tested, proven tools to manage costs intelligently, to coordinate and organize people and tasks, and to head off surprises before they happen.” – Bruce MacEwen, President, Adam Smith Esq. (From The Future of Legal Services, p. 6)

“To stay ahead of the curve, law firms should consider seizing the initiative by asking how they could deliver legal services in a more efficient, cost-effective manner… Firms now need to turn their attention to project management and strategies to manage their costs.” – Dan DiPietro, Chairman, The Law Firm Group at Citi Private Bank (From The Future of Legal Services, p. 90)

“My income is based on my firm’s ability to deliver on alternative fee arrangements.  Project management drives the cost of each matter.  It determines when we make money, and when we don’t, so it has become an absolutely critical topic for our firm.” – Patrick J. Lamb, Founder, Valorem Law Group

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