Tools and Templates

In 2017, LegalBizDev became the first company to offer an electronic library of tools and templates to support legal project management (LPM) initiatives and increase efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability.  Six firms ranging in size from 100 to 800 lawyers purchased the library in the first few months it became available.

The benefits of this library include:

  • Instant access for busy lawyers to quickly look up the exact information they need precisely when they need it on their laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • The addition of LegalBizDev’s newest tools and templates to the library every few months, enabling lawyers to easily keep up with the latest developments in this rapidly changing field.
  • Savings in time and money for law firms who avoid re-inventing the wheel by using LegalBizDev’s proprietary materials, which have been developed over six years and are based upon research and testing with over 100 law firms.
  • Five hours of targeted consultation with the tool’s authors to discuss the most effective ways to use this library in each firm’s unique environment.

In most professions, “just-in-time training” tools like these have become the standard way to teach new skills. For example, when people need to use an unfamiliar feature of Microsoft Word, very few would consider taking a class or looking it up in a book. They simply find the exact information they need in online help, precisely when they need it.

Until recently, the only online just-in-time training tools for LPM have been limited to a few templates created by individual firms.  LegalBizDev’s extensive library of online tools can now be accessed by any lawyer at any time whether they are in their office, in a hotel room, or on an airplane.

In essence, this electronic library is an up to the minute preview of the fifth edition of the widely used Legal Project Management Quick Reference Guide.  The latest edition available in print – the fourth -- is described below, including praise from 22 experts.

In addition to over 150 tools and templates that appeared in the printed fourth edition, this library includes new and revised tools which were written after it was published on such topics as:

  • How state-of-the-art Agile project management techniques can fundamentally change your approach to LPM
  • How to change lawyers’ behavior
  • The use of LPM to retain current clients and find new ones
  • The rationale behind legal fees
  • And more…

The cost of developing a library like this from scratch, and keeping it up to date, would be excessive.  This resource can multiply the return on a firm’s other LPM investments by helping staff, practice group leaders and others to provide more effective support more quickly.  As soon as just one lawyer who is responsible for a large engagement accesses the right information at the right moment, the return on investment will quickly exceed the license cost by:

  • Increasing the accuracy of an initial fee estimate and the likelihood of payment in full by using the template “15 questions to ask clients to help define scope”
  • Renegotiating a fixed fee by using the template “Prepare and negotiate for approval of a scope change”
  • Using any of the more than 150 tools and templates in this electronic library to increase client satisfaction and/or firm profitability

It is extremely difficult to convince lawyers to change their behavior, and the tactics that work best will vary from firm to firm and even from group to group within a firm. Based on LegalBizDev’s experience using these templates with over 100 law firms, authors of these tools will work with your firm to create a strategic plan that fits your firm’s culture and resources, including:

  • Specific tasks, objectives, and timelines for using these LPM tools and templates
  • Systems to provide exactly the information lawyers need, precisely when they need it
  • A list of the top ten tools that have proven most useful in implementing LPM, and the top ten tools that are most effective in introducing LPM concepts
  • Prioritizing which lawyers to focus on first when introducing the tools
  • The possible role of LPM champions, practice group leaders, and staff
  • How to save time developing firm-specific processes and procedures by starting from our templates
  • How to customize our tools for in-firm presentations and training

This consultation with LegalBizDev experts is likely to generate additional ideas that will maximize the value of these tools for your firm.

The fee for a license includes:

  • Unlimited non-exclusive rights to reproduce and adapt all of this content within your firm and with your clients for one year  
  • A pdf of the complete fourth edition
  • Separate files for each tool from the fourth and fifth editions (in both Word and pdf format) so you can easily deliver just the information a particular lawyer needs
  • New tools and templates that will be released to license holders every few months
  • Five hours of consultation with the authors of these tools and templates to maximize the value to your firm, insure quick wins, and establish a foundation for future success.

These tools were developed over more than six years of research and testing with over 100 law firms. This library provides an unmatched resource summarizing what’s worked in LPM at other firms and what hasn’t. Instead of paying to reinvent the wheel, firms can now start from a proven foundation that has helped thousands of lawyers to increase value, client satisfaction, and firm profitability on both hourly and alternative fee arrangements.

Download a two page description of all our LPM products and services.

For more information about how our unique just-in-time approach to LPM and business development can help your firm change lawyers’ behavior, increase client satisfaction, and improve profitability, contact us today at 800-49-TRAIN or