Just-in-time training

Just-in-time training is a process that enables people to save time and become more efficient by finding exactly the information they need, just when they need it. 

While most workshops focus on education and transmitting information, LegalBizDev’s just-in-time programs focus on the central issue in implementing legal project management: promoting behavior change.  When the Association of Corporate Counsel and the ABA conducted a meeting “at which leaders of corporate and law firm litigation departments rolled up their sleeves and tackled the complex issues surrounding present day concepts of value in litigation” they found that “The challenge is change/behavior management” (ACC Docket, May 2011, p. 130).  It’s not a question of knowing what to do; it’s a question of helping lawyers to do it. 

In just-in-time training each lawyer focuses strictly on the issues that will have the greatest impact for their practice in the short term.  They identify a concrete action item, and begin working on it immediately, with assistance from a legal project management expert. 

Focusing on the action items that are most likely to produce immediate and practical results for each practice and personality maximizes short-term success and will create internal champions with a history of concrete results.  We offer:

  • A two-hour just-in-time training webinar
  • A two-hour just-in-time training video conference
  • A half-day just-in-time training workshop at your office
“Not only has this been useful to me, but it has really been fun. I wasn’t expecting that. At a certain point, after almost 30 years of practicing law, I thought there wasn’t anything much new for me to do or learn. Now I have new goals and objectives, and every day I think about how I can improve what I do and offer better and more cost-efficient service. It is something new and something creative, so I feel energized and engaged.”
– Catherine Johnson, Partner, Hanson Bridgett

“LegalBizDev’s just-in-time training workshop focused on practical tools, and helped each lawyer identify immediate action items that provided value to clients and improved efficiency.  The lawyers not only loved the workshop, they acted on it, and they continued to follow up after the program ended.”
– Karen Reynolds, Executive Director, Gray Plant Mooty

“This approach is outstanding because it produces incremental improvement.  Don't hold a series of committee meetings for a year and then do a top-down analysis.  Just do something.  This will spread project management, because when lawyers succeed, others in the firm will imitate their success.”
– Camden R. Webb, Partner, Williams Mullen

“In the LegalBizDev project management workshop, participants were engaged and focused.  They identified useful action items and are prepared to move forward.  Your efforts were valuable and well worth the investment.  It would have taken considerably more time and money for us to have gotten this far on our own.” – Bruce Clearing Sky Christensen, Executive Director, Warner, Norcross & Judd
For more information about our programs, or to discuss your needs, please don't hesitate to call us today at 800-49-TRAIN or email info@legalbizdev.com.