Other services

In addition to the five options described above, LegalBizDev also offers:

Webinars and speeches – Our customized webinars and speeches help lawyers to understand why clients are demanding better legal project management, what law firms are doing to meet that demand, and what individual lawyers can do to get started.

Train the trainer – For law firms that plan to offer project management workshops conducted by their own lawyers and staff, LegalBizDev’s “train the trainer” programs will improve the quality of training and coaching to achieve results more quickly and efficiently.

Custom training – If the best solution for your practice group or firm is a training program which is custom developed from the ground up, we will apply over two decades of experience to develop and deliver a program that meets your unique needs.

For more information about our programs, or to discuss your needs, please don't hesitate to call us today at 800-49-TRAIN or email info@legalbizdev.com.