How to Increase Client Satisfaction and Profitability with Legal Project Management is a half-day workshop designed for lawyers at any level who want a general education in how project management principles apply to the legal profession. The workshop includes breakout groups in which participants discuss exactly how the principles apply to their practice.

How to Define Legal Scope and Negotiate Changes was created to address the area of greatest need in most law firms.When we interviewed managing partners and other leaders from AmLaw 200 firms for the book Client Value and Law Firm Profitability they reported that the single most critical issue in LPM is defining the scope of work necessary to meet a client’s objectives at a price that satisfies both the client and the firm. This half-day workshop is built around exercises and discussions of how each lawyer can best accomplish this.

“The workshop tips for how to handle a fee increase negotiation have had a positive impact on our partners to rethink the client relationship. I heard some light bulbs coming on in conversations among our partners when they discussed how negotiating is sometimes a natural part of the process. Itís not distasteful, itís not bad, itís something that we should embrace, expect, and plan for. And it does not have to be adversarial. It could, instead, be a way to get to every partyís interests.”
– Angela Hickey, Executive Director, Levenfeld Pearlstein

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