AFA white paper

Download the white paper – The LegalBizDev Guide to Alternative Fees (Third edition)

To develop new business in today's marketplace, law firms need to provide more value to their clients. One way to accomplish this is to offer alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) such as fixed fees, risk collars, and success fees. 

The basic concepts of alternative billing have been around for several decades, and the American Bar Association published its first book on this topic in 1989.

Pricing White Paper

The LegalBizDev Guide to Alternative Fees

This white paper is based on interviews and analysis of the work of pioneers in the AFA movement, including Fred Bartlit, Pat Lamb, Lisa Damon and many others.  It was revised several times to reflect new developments when the AFA movement first gained momentum from the economic downturn of 2008.  Many of the observations of these pioneers are as fresh today as they were when the white paper first appeared.

Published July 2009

Updated and expanded in the 2013 book Legal Project Management, Pricing and Alternative Fee Arrangements