Review by Tom Kane, Esq.

"In more than 20 years of legal marketing, I have never seen anything as valuable as this Desk Reference and Success Kit.

When I started my career as a practicing attorney, lawyers did not even use the M word (marketing), much less the S word (sales). When I joined the Legal Marketing Association in 1987, there were only about fifty members. Over the next two decades, I've watched LMA grow to 2,800 members, and still going up. I've also worked with several firms as Chief Marketing Officer, marketing director, and as a consultant.

In all that time, I have never seen training or reference materials that make it so easy for busy lawyers to find exactly what they need, precisely when they need it.

You could say I'm biased, because about a year ago I founded the LegalBizDev Network with the author, Jim Hassett. But I look at it the other way around. I joined forces with Jim because I felt that LegalBizDev had something new to offer."

From the Foreword to The LegalBizDev Desk Reference

Review by Larry Bodine, Esq.

"Jim Hassett's LegalBizDev Success Kit has it all -- a book, CD, desk reference, right down to post-it-notes and a highlighter. From a checklist for current clients to the number of meetings needed to close a sale, the Kit has everything that a lawyer needs to build a profitable clientele."

Review by Gerry Riskin, Esq.

"The LegalBizDev Success KitT is an extremely valuable resource for any lawyer - devoured in its entirety, it's a comprehensive education - it can also be consumed one-bite-at-a-time by subject matter. I strongly recommend it to every practicing lawyer regardless of firm size or location."

Review by Carolyn Elefant, Esq.

"The CDs, the book, and the Desk Reference were all very valuable. I enjoyed the Desk Reference the most because it was intelligently written, detailed and statistics-based, and not just based on platitudes or catch phrases. I think that this book will help lawyers get more comfortable with the concept of marketing. It was also an excellent aggregator of the thoughts of some of the leaders in marketing and relationship building such as Bob Burg, Gerry Riskin, David Maister and others.

I felt that the Quick References were some of the most useful parts of the book. A condensed guide that explains exactly what a particular activity is, how to implement it, and how to get results is an extremely powerful tool. These checklists and plans will help discipline each lawyer's marketing process. They have already given me ideas for my own practice."

Review by Russell Lawson

"In the Legal Business Development Success Kit, Jim Hassett has combined a focused set of steps with a wealth of good resources which should keep the attention of even the most recalcitrant attorney.

I especially appreciate the small things, such as the pad and highlighter that sit on the desktop reminding the user to make business development a daily effort.

I have used Jim Hassett's Legal Business Development text in office and practice group coaching sessions with good results. Each chapter is oriented to a single tactic and provides fertile ground for group discussion and planning. I use Jim's "One Page Marketing Plan" to move the attorneys towards finite goals at the end of each meeting that can be measured at the next.

The workbook is a rich resource, with great exercises and extensive support materials. Combined with the self-directed CD, it takes an attorney as deeply into the business development process as time and interest allows. Plus, it has enough information so that marketing staff can concentrate on applying the motivational energy to keep the attorney in motion and the kit will enable the lawyer to accomplish the training and planning."

Review by Patrick Lamb

"In a very conversational and easy-to-listen manner, Jim Hassett combines great anecdotes and data to create a compelling case for the importance of your individual marketing efforts. Actually, Jim makes it clear that marketing and selling is not merely 'important.' Instead, marketing and selling have become the lifeblood of success in the legal profession. If you are truly interested in law as a career, you need to learn to think like a rainmaker and how to learn to keep your current clients coming back for more. And if you want to learn legal marketing and selling, the LegalBizDev Success Kit is the way to go. Whether novice or experienced pro, you'll learn or be reminded of everything from the fundamentals to more advanced techniques."